Bad Breath Remedies

Bad Breath Remedies


Bad breath can make you feel embarrassed and even insecure about attending social events. However, you need not hide away or shy away from attending important events because of bad breath. It will serve you well to opt for some bad breath remedies instead. Bad breath is a signal letting us know that there are weaknesses in the body which will cause bone infection, abscesses, and other more serious medical problems

Dry mouth causes bad breath. Dry mouth can be caused by allergies and can also be caused by some medications such as asthma and bronchitis inhalers. These medications can have an impact on your saliva production and actually a reduction in the amount saliva produced causing less oxygen present which makes ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive. The build up of bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue is what causes the bad breath. Stimulating the saliva flow in your body, you are assured of minimizing unpleasant breath odor.

Bad fillings, tooth decay, abscesses, food between the teeth and gum disease.  In all cases the solution is simple, visit a dentist, brush your teeth with a paste mixture of baking soda and water which works like a charm and use dental floss.

The tongue. People forget to clean it. Make sure you do as anaerobic bacteria love to live on the tongue, especially towards the back area. These bacteria feed on the food particles and dead cells that collect here. A quick clean with a toothbrush is quite effective, but does have the potential to only move the matter around, rather than remove it. Therefore it is a good idea to invest in a tongue scraper, which as the name suggests scraps the tongue and removes the dead cells.

Garlic and onions cause problems with breath. Eat foods like celery, carrots, peanuts or a bit of low-fat cheese if you want something to snack on between meals. They help to fight plague buildup in the mouth, helping to keep the breath fresh and clean.

Chew something when you feel that your mouth is becoming dry. This action will make you think that you are eating and thus will produce more saliva for digestion. Cinnamon flavor possess odor-fighting abilities that decrease bacteria.

Poor digestion. This may be due to the lack of niacin in the body. So,  consuming food that has high niacin content can also help address halitosis. It can improve natural digestion of the body in order to allow proper waste excretion. Some people have a problem with the balance of stomach bacteria and this can cause bad breath. You can try taking daily probiotic supplements if this problem exists.

Eating a lot of meat instead of vegetables and fruits can also lead to a malodorous breath. Staying off high protein meat and eating more fresh food is an ideal remedy

Breath mints. Although cover up your breath’s smell for a short time but can dry the mouth. The often you use of these mints, the worse your problem gets. Just like breath fresheners.

Rinse out your mouth of food particles. You can use plain water or a mouthwash to gurgle. This will help wash out or clear any particles in your mouth. mouth wash will have little effect on your bad breath because they only focus on the bacteria in your mouth. Because the bad breath is being caused by stomach acid entering your esophagus, then it is here that you need to focus your attention.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Worn out toothbrushes are breeding grounds germs, bacteria, and fungus. They can also damage gum tissue. Changing it about every three months will help in preventing it from wearing out. it is advised to change it after a flu or cold.

Smoking causes bad breath by both the taste left in the mouth as well as the expelled odour from the lungs. Smoking also affects oral hygiene and encourages gum disease which can also be a big contributing factor to bad breath. The obvious and only way to stop bad breath caused by smoking is to give up smoking. If your body has become overloaded with toxins resulting from an unhealthy diet, mercury fillings and certain pollutants  this can cause a chain reaction of related symptoms, including body odor and bad breath.

Lemon juice and pineapple juice are god sources of elements that can clean the mouth and prevent bad breath too. They can be made at home and can be drank anytime you like. Eating apples as well is said to be a natural way of avoiding bacteria build up in the mouth.