Blood Sugar Levels And Cancer: How It Affects Your Health

Blood Sugar Levels And Cancer: How It Affects Your Health


Diabetes and cancer are two of the most serious health concerns of our time. You might even wonder how these two diseases could be related.

There is a connection between diabetes and cancer, but the two diseases are also different. Most of the time, diabetes causes cells to grow more slowly than they would without it. Cancer cells grow at a rate that is usually three or four times faster than normal cells. This means that if you have both diabetes and cancer, your risk of developing one or both may be higher than someone who does not have either condition. Some cancers are more preventable than others, there are still many factors that may increase your risk for cancer, including your lifestyle habits. The biggest one? Your blood sugar levels.

The link between diabetes and cancer is well-known, but the connection between high blood sugar and cancer isn’t talked about as much.The more sugar in your blood, the more likely cancer cells will reproduce and spread throughout your body.

Why People With Diabetes Are At Higher Risk Of Developing Certain Types Of Cancers

Most common two types of cancer that can have a connection to diabetes are leukemia and lymphoma. Both of these diseases involve blood cells. A person with leukemia has too many leukemia cells circulating in the blood. When these cells break down, they release chemicals that can damage the blood vessels. A person with lymphoma has cancerous cells in his or her lymphatic system. In addition, cancer cells can spread to the lymph nodes and other parts of the body. A person with diabetes has a higher risk of developing both types of cancer.

Genetics. People with diabetes are more likely to have certain genetic mutations. These mutations, however, are not the only things that can lead to diabetes and cancer. People who have other family members with diabetes or cancer have a higher chance of developing the disease, as well.

Other types of cancers with the high risk include the following:

Ovarian cancer

Cancer of the Isolated Breast

Bladder cancer

Ovarian cancer (in women)

Prostate cancer

Cervical cancer

Lung cancer


Radiological cancer

What Can You Do to Lower Your Risk of Developing Cancer?

The best method is preventing and reversing type 2 diabetes.


Many people have heard about the connection between diabetes and cancer, but they are also often confused about the correlation between the two diseases and an overview of each disease and how they can be related.

The material that you have read should help you to understand diabetes and cancer on a better level. You should not panic if you have either of these diseases. If you are diagnosed with either of these diseases, it is important to learn more about them.

Know the warning signs of cancer:

• Weight gain

• Changes in hair or nails

• Abnormal growths in the breast or rectum

• Flu-like symptoms

• Sudden, severe headaches

Vist your doctor incase you experience any of these signs.