The Vibrating Platform: The Exercise and Workout Trainer You Never Knew You Needed

The Vibrating Platform: The Exercise and Workout Trainer You Never Knew You Needed


Are you looking for an exercise and workout trainer that will get you in shape without all of the hassle? Look no further. The Vibrating Platform is your answer to getting fit while working, commuting, or hanging around on the couch. It’s a platform that vibrates either three times per minute or once every five seconds. It helps you burn calories and lose weight while doing almost anything. With its sleek design, this innovative product provides instant motivation immediately.

 Platform Features

Let’s start by taking a closer look at this unique product, which stands above all the rest in terms of design and function. It comes with an adjustable base that makes it easy to position the Vibrating Platform in any position. It can easily be adjusted for left-right, left-center, and right-center versions of each base with a vibrating panel on its bottom.

It also has auto-shutdown features so it won’t keep going when you’re not working out anymore.

This one-of-a-kind product works by vibrating when you are working out. Your brain learns to feel the vibrations in your feet and knees, so that the feeling becomes addictive.

The combination of vibrations and weight lifting creates a cardio workout that is extremely difficult but fun to perform. Depending on your fitness level, you can lift weights one or two times or hold it for several minutes.

You can slip the Vibrating Platform into your everyday bag and carry it wherever you go. The product is self-contained and has a battery that can last for about six months. However, you can also re-charge it on the go with a portable USB cable.

It also comes with a durable carry bag and six silicone earbuds that provide stable, bass-filled sounds. Both of these accessory’s are made of thin, strong materials and help you stay balanced while working out.

How it works

The platform measures your movements. When the vibrations stop, it automatically shuts down. There’s also an auto-shutdown feature which shuts down the vibration after ten seconds. It’s a simple and automatic device.

How many calories you burn

Burn Calories: This innovative piece of equipment can burn up to 800 calories an hour and boost your metabolism to help you stay in shape while watching television or working on the computer It’s a high figure but that’s still doable. It’s customizable and there are tons of options when it comes to the shape and color of the platform.

The Vibrating Platform will help you lose weight, increase your muscle strength, and build your endurance. It will improve your cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility. You will also be able to do more physically demanding exercises while doing less moving and little physical exertion.


What does the Vibrating Platform do?

You strap on the box-shaped box to your upper-body and it vibrates three times per minute when you’re moving around.The light at the bottom of the box turns green when you’re working out.

The box comes with a small vibration sensor that you can wear on your lower back. It will tell you whether you’re working out properly or not.If you wear it for a longer period of time, it could even detect fatigue. The box vibrates at a low rate once every 5 seconds so that you won’t get tired and wear out too quickly.That way, you’ll be able to extend your working out time to a whole hour.

Why does it work?

Our bodies need energy to stay healthy and strong. While working out, our body will send out stress hormones to burn off the energy that was built up.

The benefits of using a vibrating platform

The secret to the Vibrating Platform’s speedy and efficient fitness results are in the fact that it gets you in and out of working out in a jiffy. It works fast, but it’s definitely not something that will get in the way of you getting that cardio workout in. It gets you going at least three times a minute which not only means that you will be burning calories at a faster rate, but you will also be doing more intense workout sessions with longer workout lengths.

The vibrating platform targets your stomach, which is a great place to burn fat and lose weight quickly. It will help you lose up to 3lbs of fat per month with 6 times more results than exercise alone.

Gently Increases Your Muscle Mass

Using the vibrating platform can help you build more muscle mass while building endurance. This will help you burn fat faster while increasing your endurance level.

Its performance makes  you not have to worry about what you are working out allowing you focus on your workout without worrying about the direction of the vibration.

How often should you use it?

Use this as your primary workout tool for 15 minutes a day. After using it for just one day, you’ll notice the following results:

Low cardiovascular and postural blood pressure.

Improved blood circulation.

Decreased feelings of fatigue.

Reduced feelings of stress.

Enhanced cardiovascular control and balance.

Improved balance and coordination.

Decreased back strain.

Improved fat-burning capabilities.

Ease and awareness.

Like a rhythmical, therapeutic massage